HAM Radio Glossary of Terms

This is, by far, nothing close to the amount of terms use in Ham radio, however, these are some of the most used and ones you will hear getting on the air for the first time.

HAM Term Meaning How to Use
73 Best wishes, have a good one 73, this is [your call sign]
Roger got it, understood roger that
Copy understand copy that
QSO conversation I just had a QSO with another ham in my area
Clear good-bye / off the air this is [your call sign] clear
Mobile traveling [your call sign] mobile
Monitor listen This is [your call sign] monitoring
QSY changing frequency I am going to QSY over to '62
Double talking simultaneously you two doubled with each other
Step on talk over I apologize, I stepped on you
PTT Push-To-Talk Push your PTT button to talk
HT Handy Talkie My radio is an HT
Rubber Duck Stock antenna that usually comes with your HT radio I'm using a rubber duck
Stand by Wait / Pause This is [your call sign] stand by
NET On-Air Gathering The NET is at noon
In and Out Offline Check-In This is, [your call sign], I am in and out
Elmer Ham Radio Mentor John is my Elmer
Final Concluding Transmission I'll be clear on your final
Kerchunk keying up silently All i could hear is someone kerchunking
Picket Fencing Fluttering transmission Your signal is picket fencing
Ragchew shooting the breeze We're just rag chewing right now
Shack Your radio room My shack is downstairs
silent key / SK Deceased Ham My Dad is a silent key
Full Quieting No background noise You're full quieting in the repeater
Relay Pass a Message Could you please relay?
Key Up Transmit Key up when you are ready to speak
Unkey Stop Transmitting Release the PTT button
Ticket Ham Radio License When did you get your ticket