ICOM IC-7300

The Icom IC-7300 is still one of the best and most popular HF radios out there.  I like them so much I bought two…literally!  Easy to use right out of the box and just a joy to work with at home or out in the field for portable ham radio ops like Parks on the Air and so on.  Below is a quick reference guide I created to help you understand the many functions on the radio.  There are a ton more in the menus, but those can be found in the manual.  Simply click on one of the yellow pulsing dots and a description of the item will show up.

At the time of this writing the Icom IC-7300 is running $1199.95 with a $100 rebate (Icom frequently runs rebates and coupons so be looking for the discounts!!)

VFO Knob - Allows you to change
the operating frequency.

Power Button

Transmit Button - Toggle
between Transmit ands Receive

Turns the antenna tuner ON or OFF,
or activates the tuner

Turns the VOX function and
Break-in function ON or OFF

Connects to a standard
stereo headphones.

Connects to the supplied or
an optional microphone.

There are two knobs here.  The AF
knob adjusts the audio output level.

The second knob adjusts the RF
gain and squelch threshold levels.

SD Card Slot allows you to save and backup settings as
well as record for automated operation like POTA

Turns the Noise
Blanker ON or OFF


Adjusts the IF filter’s passband
width by rotating, and clears the setting
by holding down for 1 second

Opens the Menu Screen

Displays the Function Screen

Displays the Mini Scope or Spectrum Scope

Displays the QUICK MENU

Exits a setting screen or returns
to the previous screen.

Announces the operating frequency
or receiving mode or electronically locks

Adjusts friction of the
main dial/VFO Knob

 Lights red while transmitting
and lights green while

Displays the Multi-function menu
for various adjustments,
or selects a desired item.

Enables you to monitor the transmit
frequency while holding it down
in the Split mode.

Sequentially calls up the contents
in the Memo Pads, or saves
the displayed contents into
the Memo Pad.

Changes the Memory channel.

Turns the Split function ON or OFF

Switches between VFO A
and VFO B, or sets the
selected VFO’s frequency to
the other VFO.

Switches between the VFO
and Memory mode, or
copies the memory channel
contents to the VFO.

Turns the Receiver Incremental
Tuning (RIT) function ON or OFF.

Turns the TX function ON or OFF

Clears the RIT or TX shift frequency

Screen Features Explained

7300 touch screen

Appears while tuning the antenna

Displays the selected
operating mode (i.e. RTTY,
CW, LSB, USB, etc.)

Graphically displays the
passband width for twin
PBT operation and the
center frequency for IF shift

Displays the selected tone
type in the tone
operation mode.

Displays the selected IF filter

Appears when the Quick
Tuning Step function is ON

Displays “M1”~“M8” while
“External Keypad” on the
CONNECTORS screen is set
to ON and using the
Memory Keyer function.
Displays “T1”~“T8”
while using the Voice TX

Voice Recorder Icon -
Appears while recording

Displays the memory
name if entered, or
displays the “AUTOTUNE”
icon when the Auto
Tuning function is ON.

Appears when an SD card
is inserted, or blinks
while accessing the SD card.

Displays the current local
time. Touch the readout to
display both the current
local time and UTC time.


Displays the function that is
assigned to Multi

Appears when the Split
function is ON.

“VFO A” or “VFO B” appears
when the VFO mode is
selected, and “MEMO”
appears when the
Memory mode is selected.

Displays the selected
memory channel number.

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Appears while the RIT 
(Receive Increment
function is ON.

Appears while the TX
function is ON.

Shift Frequency Readout
Displays the shift offset of
the RIT or TX functions,
while the functions are ON.

Displayed while using the
Spectrum Scope.

Touch Screen Menu Options

Displays the operating
parameters, modes,
frequencies and indicators,
depending on your selections.

Displays various strengths
and levels, depending
on the function you select.

Appears when AF RF/SQL
(outer) is set to the
counterclockwise from the
11 o’clock position. The
icon indicates that the RF
gain is reduced.

Appears while the Semi
Break-in, Full Break-in or
VOX function is ON.

Appears when the IP Plus
function is ON.

Appears when an excessively
strong signal is received.
You will also see this if you 
are running two radios near
each other and one is transmitting. 
This is where you would
want band pass filters.

Operating Frequency display

Appears if the power
amplifier temperature
becomes extremely high
and the Protection
function is activated after
transmitting continuously
for long periods of time.

Displays the transmit status
of the displayed frequency.

You will, of course, want to consult with your operating manual for a more detailed explanation of the functions of the 7300, however this page will at least allow you to familiarize yourself with some of the features.  If you are looking into getting a 7300 as an HF rig for your shack, this will also help you out a bit and determine if you want one.  I highly recommend that you find someone with a 7300 and ask to play with it a bit and have them show you around the radio.  They are easy to use and fun to work with at home or out in the field.